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Directional Signs

  Point your customers in the right directions with directional signs. These arrow signs can be pointed in any direction and answer a very important and necessary question, "Where is the restroom?"

Directional Signs can be made with the sign, or can be purchased separately as a modular "arrow'" that can then be faced in any direction you would like. These can be the most practical when upgrading existing restroom signs. For large installations, like a public shopping mall, hospital or other large building, you may need to have the directional signs as a cohesive piece of the signage. Check with local and state municipalities when it comes to the type of signage you need for your facility.

Make sure your patrons have a sense that they are welcome in your facility by offering a nice clean restroom with plenty of supplies and you can bring customers back to your establishment just by offering a clean restroom and letting people know where it is located with directional signage.



Above is an illustration of directional signs being placed below an existing restroom sign to point the way of the restroom facility. These arrow signs are color matched to match the current blue, black, taupe, dark brown and grey signs that are currently sold. These arrow signs offer:

  • Rounded Corners
  • 6" x 6"
  • Adhesive Foam Backing Installs in minutes.
6" x 6"
6" x 6"
6" x 6""
6" x 6"
6" x 6"

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