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Boy's Restroom Signs

  Boy's restroom signs can include the boy's logo, handicap logo, text, and Braille.  Standard signs will range from 6" x 9" to 12".  The boy's restroom sign California Title 24 is a triangle compare the the Girl's restroom sign and the Unisex restroom sign which is 12" diameter circle.  The Boy's restroom signs are limited to three variations.

Displaying  boy's restroom signs allow young adults to easily recognize the appropriate restroom.  It may also imply that the restroom is designed for children which can include a lower height of the sinks toilets and dispensers.  Of course, there would not be a baby changing station in a restroom designated for children.

6 x 9
6 x 9
w/ Handicap Logo
Title 24
w/ Handicap Logo

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