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Signs by Color

  Restroom signs by color are listed below.  We offer 5 colors in the 6"x9" ADA compliant signs.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Signs by Color  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

ADA California Title 24 restroom signs by color.  There are two colors offer for 12" triangle and circular ADA compliant signs, blue and black.  Most of the time, these signs are sold as pairs one ADA California Title 24 restroom sign 12" and one 6"x9" ADA compliant sign.  The Title 24 sign is mounted in the door and the 6"x9" sign is mounted on the wall next to the door handle.

ADA California Title 24 restroom signs in colors other than black or blue can be custom made.  We recommend to get the 6"x9" ADA compliant signs custom made also so the color and finish match.

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